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How to register

  • Open the link New Registration.
  • You should provide a valid e-mail id for registration and it is going to be your login Id. It should be an unique Id for our system and and if already exists in our system then the data filled in will not get saved and you will get some error message/prompt to check the mail id .
  • Fillup the fields by selecting drop down values where-ever possible and with text entry in other fields.
  • Care is taken to populate major possible values. If your option is not found in the drop down menu, please select "Others".
  • If you select "Others", in some of the field a new empty box will appear and you can enter your desired value. It will be updated in our database and your profile will have that value.
  • In some of the field even if you select "Others", new empty box will not appear. In those cases, just select option "Others" and you can enter your desired value at the end of personal profile inside the box provided for this purpose (Example. Select "Other" at Complexion and you can write "Complexion – Good" in the last field text box).
  • You can mention the membership Id of other person who referred this site for your registration. This detail can be used for extending even offers in future.
  • Upload photos (Max 2) and Horoscope if you want to display and accept conditions for display.
  • Once you save the form, automated mail will come to you indicating your Registration number.
  • We will take a maximum of 24 hours to approve your profile and get it activated.
  • Once it is activated, you will again receive a mail with password to login.
  • Login to the system and you can search for your new Binding Relationship

Facilities in the site and how can you Navigate

  • Basic Search By selecting basic input, you can get the list of profiles that matches your input.
  • Advance Search Through this option you can further filter profiles and narrow down your search You will get an option to download the list as an Excel file.
  • Once you login You can see the Top matching profiles based on your requirements.
  • Whenever you are in any other page, just click "more" available within your login area. You will be taken to your profile page.
  • My profile will show you the details you entered. You can use the option "Edit" to modify your current data Once it is submitted, it will go for approval and re-display.
  • Through "My Account" you can change your Password, Security Question Answer, Balance in your account etc. Modifications done here will not fall under category mentioned above under point 5.
  • Top Match tab will give you the details of Top matching profiles as per your mentioned requirements If you click on the link below the photo, you can see further details of that profile and contact details of that profile.
  • "Contact Seen" tab will tell you the profiles whose contacts were taken by you.
  • Using "Feedback" you can send us your feed back.
  • If you want to send any "Testimony", use this tab. You are at liberty to modify the content till the time it is seen by administrator and approved it for publication.
  • You can communicate with us using the tab "Enquiry". Your entire query will be addressed through this and you can see the entire communication till it is closed by administrator.
  • Under the tab "Who Searched Me", you will get the list of members who shown interest in your profile and searched details of you. By knowing this you can also approach them, if you are also interested.

Other Pages

  • The blinking "New" icons indicate there is a new Entry made in that page recently.
  • The services offered by us and by third parties are available under "Service"
  • Ours and Partners Offers to members will be displayed under "Offer".
  • We will make announcements and share information with members through "News"


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